Who Should Buy a Mom a Medal?

Dads – Buy one for the mother of your child. Regardless of how this baby came to you, she is awesome and deserves a medal!

Midwives – Buy them for your clients. They are awesome and deserve a medal!

Doulas – Medals make the perfect gift for your postpartum visit. Your clients worked hard and deserve a medal!

Childbirth Educators – Buy them for your students. They are proactive in learning how to have the best birth possible! They deserve a medal!

Adoptive Parents – Buy one for your birth mom. She is giving you an amazing gift and deserves a medal.

Moms – Feel free to buy one for yourself! You deserve a medal!

Kids – Buy one for your mom! What a great mother’s day gift. She deserves a medal!

Coming Soon — If you buy a Mom a Medal story.