I am a mom of 3 boys with 3 very different birth experiences; emergency cesarean, VBAC with epidural and un-medicated VBAC.

I am also a Hypnobabies Childbirth Educator and am a birth doula. I love working with pregnant and new moms. Most of the moms I work with are planning for a natural birth. The original inspiration for this website and these medals is the comment “You don’t get a medal for natural childbirth.”

I started thinking, “Why Not?”

When you run a marathon, you prepare for months ahead of time and then the day of the race you run and run and run and work SO hard! I am sure when you cross the finish line you are just so happy and proud because you DID it, you accomplished your goal! You didn’t run the marathon FOR the medal. But you do DESERVE a medal!

The comparison between birth and a marathon is not perfect, but after attending a long, challenging home birth of one of my doula clients, I thought, “She DOES deserve a medal!” She was strong and powerful and worked longer and harder than running a marathon. So I wanted to design a medal for her.

I have a doula client who is an artist and she was kind enough to draw up the design for the medal, using a few different pictures I had from different moms births. I found some different options for making the actual medals and started creating my website.

Then while I was in the process of doing all of this, I had a mom who needed a surprise cesarean for a breech baby. I realized that she deserved a medal just as much as the other mom. I thought about all the sacrifices different moms make and realize ALL moms deserve medals. Suddenly my idea was so much bigger than what it started as. But that is how all great things start, with a small idea. So hence Moms Deserve Medals was born.

I know that you know at least one mom who deserves a medal. Buy her one and share your appreciation for all she does.