Buy a Medal for a Mom you Love!

August 27, 2013 in Awesome Mom by enjoybirth

You don’t get a medal for motherhood,

but maybe you should!

The sacrifices that we make starting in pregnancy,
through birth and then that first year are HUGE!

For some moms the sacrifices might start

  • while they are trying to get pregnant.
  • with morning sickness.
  • with bedrest to help the baby stay in longer.
  • with the birth.
  • with struggling with breastfeeding.
  • with sleepless nights.

Regardless of when the sacrifices start, one thing is for sure. All moms make sacrifices!

We don’t make these sacrifices FOR a medal, but we certainly do DESERVE one.

A medal inspired by 2 real life moms. For only $5.95 each. This medal makes a cute fun gift for any mom.